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  Issue 38

March 2011  

28,000 sqft Poultry Facility in Ontario

Insulated Poultry BuildingThis high-tech, high-efficiency Poultry Growing Facility is the first of its kind in the Ontario region and the flagship for Kennydale Poultry. Outdoor temperatures in this area range from 44°C to -34°C [111°F to -29°F] so keeping the inhabitants warm, dry and comfortable was important to the profitability of the business. Building quickly was also a key requirement met by constructing with ICFs.


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New Building Performance Rating & Disclosure: Are You Ready?


Following Europe and Australia, the building energy performance rating and disclosure policies are beginning to change in North America.  In the USA, California, Washington, Texas, Washington DC, and New York have already enacted policies that require performance measurement and rating for commercial buildings - and every indication is that this trend will continue to grow.


ICF Building RatingTo understand the impact this will have on energy efficient building solution suppliers like Quad-Lock, we must first consider what it means for the commercial building owners and suppliers.  The commercial owners and operators will need to measure and report on how their buildings are performing from an energy efficiency perspective.  Prospective tenants and buyers will factor in the energy efficiency rating of buildings that perform poorly, making poorly performing buildings less competitive.  Bottom line is that the rating and disclosure policies create the necessary environment for an increased focus on building products like Quad-Lock's ICF systems that can make a significant positive impact on a building's performance, especially regarding air infiltration, whole wall insulation values, and indoor environmental quality.


Where can I learn more?


It is imperative that we not only educate ourselves but also our prospective customers on the current and upcoming regulations.  One place to start is the IMT White Paper: Rating and Disclosing the Energy Performance of Buildings.  
The Institute for Marketing Transformation (IMT) is at the forefront of providing technical and policy research and consulting to federal, state and local policymakers to facilitate the adoption and implementation of energy performance rating and disclosure mandates for commercial buildings. Visit the Institute for Market Transformation to learn more.


What else can I do?


Try to team up with some Energy-Raters and/or qualified HVAC contractors in your area. They should know local requirements and may join you on proposals and sales calls, providing one of the best selling tools: an estimate of energy use vs. conventional construction. Building owners can also benefit from documented lower energy costs by providing those data to the underwriters.

For residential construction, performance rating legislation is becoming more and more likely in many areas as well. RESNET in the USA has more info, or the OEE in Canada.


Villa Rose Project Featured on the Front Cover of ICF Builder Magazine


ICF CondominiumsThe 2010 ICF Builder Award's "Best in Class" Winner for Multi-Family, Villa Rose, is adorning the front cover of ICF Builder Magazine's Feb/Mar issue.
The issue contains the winners of the 2010 ICF Builder Awards, in which Quad-Lock received four awards. Villa Rose is also highlighted in their Multi-Family Project Profiles section.
Read the Villa Rose ICF Project Profile.
View ICF Builder Feb/March Issue.


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