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Issue 16

September 2008  

  The Dollars and Sense of Green Retrofits

According to a joint study released by Deloitte and Charles Lockwood, a growing number of companies are implementing green retrofits of their buildings to save money, improve productivity, lower absenteeism and healthcare costs, strengthen employee attraction and retention and improve their corporate sustainability reports and brand equity - all at a relatively modest cost.

Deloitte believes that within the next 3 years, companies that do not have green workplaces will be at a competitive disadvantage from higher operating costs, lower productivity, declining attraction and retention of skilled workers and an increasingly negative brand image.

Read the full report.

Quad-Lock Product Manual now available in Spanish!

The Quad-Lock Product Manual, an amazing resource for all things technical relating to ICF wall systems, is now available in Spanish. Download your copy.

 Big Jump in ICF Market Share

According to the Portland Cement Association's (PCA) 2007 Homebuilder Report, 6% of residential above grade walls used ICFs and awareness was up to 95% of those surveyed.

ICFs represented the largest increase in market share of any material with a significant gain from the 2% measured in the 2003 survey. Jim Niehoff, Director of Residential with the Portland Cement Association will be sharing the report findings at the upcoming ICFA Conference and Expo being held at the end of the month in Portland, OR.

The full report can be purchased from the PCA Bookstore, Item Code: MR451.07. Visit the PCA website.

 High Performance Building Awards

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is accepting applications from both the public and private sector for the 2008 Beyond Green (TM) High-Performance Building Awards. The awards recognize initiatives that shape, inform and catalyze the market for high-performance buildings, as well as real-world applications for design and construction practices.

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Green Remodeling

In a recent article published in Green Builder Magazine, there was an editorial regarding the state of the remodeling market. While this article was specific to the North American market, it would be a safe assumption regarding the opportunities that exist worldwide for green remodeling. Here are some staggering numbers. Americans spent $235 Billion on home remodeling in 2007 and a recent survey showed 33% of remodelers are increasingly asked to improve energy efficiency.

As quoted in the article by Ray Tonjes, Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Sub-Committee, "Without taking care of existing homes, we aren't going to make much of a dent in the nation's total energy use. We can't balance the energy budget on the backs of brand new single family homes no matter what some interest groups would like our code officials to believe." There is no question that he has a valid point - there are an existing 125 Million single family homes in the United States. That is a huge opportunity for improved energy efficiency. I see it as a two-pronged attack at energy conservation; new construction should be built to the highest standards and we all should do our best to make sure existing building's insulation requirements are optimized.

Further, data included from the survey said that 65% of remodelers made upgrades such as insulation replacement, including spraying foam or fiber insulation into walls and cavities, while 27% insulated foundations.

With the introduction of the R-ETRO System, a high-performance insulation system for the remodeling market, I am very encouraged by this editorial. Consumers are not only remodeling in record numbers, they are applying GREEN design concepts to their projects.

Regardless of your location, the market is strong for remodeling, what an opportunity to make an impact on homes, businesses and also impact the environment by reducing energy consumption. If you are not familiar with the R-ETRO System, I encourage you to visit www.r-etro.com or contact us for further information. Contact your local remodelers and introduce the R-ETRO System to them. It will help reduce energy consumption, has the highest R-Value available in an insulation system and is faster and easier to install than other systems; all good things.

Happy Selling,

DJ Ketelhut Director of Sales, Eastern North America

Designed with 9 in Mind - on the Richter Scale, that is...

Quad-Lock ICFs have made their commercial debut in Sofia, Bulgaria. Not only is this an exceptional three-storey administration building, but it had to be designed with significant seismic activity in mind. And, it was poured in the dead of winter...

Bulgaria2.jpg Bulgaria11.jpg

Read about 'The Evolution of Formwork'.

LEEDing the Way...

We all know that LEED has enjoyed some terrific adoption since it's inception. But, did you know that every business day, $464 Million worth of new construction projects register to meet LEED standards set by the US Green Building Council.

If you thought green building was a fad, I suggest you think again.

We Need Your Help...

 Proven Energy Efficiencies

As part of our on-going development of materials to assist in the sale of Quad-Lock, we want to create a library of statistics about structures built with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms. You can help us by submitting your energy bills, along with the bills from a comparable house in your neighborhood for us to add to our library. When you do this Quad-Lock will pay your highest month's energy bill for your troubles.

Contact us for more information.

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