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  Issue 47

May 2012  

Cheap Energy - Kiss It Goodbye

by Mark Fowler, excerpt from Walls & Ceilings Magazine


Oh, the good old days. One could buy a nice home for less than $100,000, Republicans and Democrats got along and energy was cheap. Gas was cheaper than a dollar a gallon, heating or cooling your home was inexpensive and life was much simpler. Of all the changes in the last few decades, the cost of energy has to be at the top and more change is coming. We will be building differently in the future - that is a guarantee because energy costs will not be dropping...


See 5 Steps to Net-Zero Buildings and Science of ICFs.


Senergy Homes Banks on Energy Efficiency

by Penny Stine, excerpt from The Daily Sentinel

Building science is constantly changing, with new building materials and methods being used, especially by builders who are on the cutting edge of energy-efficiency. Senergy Builders decided to use a stem-wall foundation for the homes at KC Farms using Quad-Lock insulated concrete forms, which allowed the company to put an additional two inches of foam insulation on both the exterior and interior walls.


Read the article.


Quad-Lock Welcomes Bill Gardner to the Team


Quad-Lock is happy to announce the hiring of Bill Gardner as the Regional Sales Manager for the Western Territory. Bill has a strong background in industrial and building material sales to the distribution market. Bill's experience and positive attitude are a great addition to the Quad-Lock sales team. Please help me in welcoming Bill! He can be reached at 604-590-3111 ext. 243.


D.J. Ketelhut, North American Sales Director


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