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   Issue #3

July 2007  

Concrete and Timber Frame Home

Dear Reader,

ICFs are a main-stream building technology. You don't have to look any further than the picture on the left. The extent of integration with other preferred building methods - not only structural but architectural and aesthetic, let homeowners have the features they want in their homes - without compromise. Features like exposed logs, vaulted ceilings, fiber-cement siding, large windows and multi-storey's to name a few. Plus, they get all the ICF-specific attributes like energy efficiencies, superior indoor air quality, quiet and comfortable environment that adds to the livability of their dream home. Note the gable ends and the rather thin profile posts and gables in the front of this home. They were all done with concrete. Usually this portion of timber-frame homes is constructed with a steel moment frame which presents problems in integrating to the rest of the home and finishing. Click here to see more photos of this home.

The installer, Rusty Lorentz of Rusty's Carpentry is receiving his Gold Level Quad-Lock Installer Certification. Way to go Rusty!

Hot Topics / Events

Good Old Customer Service - Does it still Exist?

We've all heard stories about bad customer service. Most likely, we've experienced it ourselves. Have you ever been left high and dry after being promised the world? Companies work so hard to get the sale but once they do, they act like their job is done. If the customer has a question or concern, it's near impossible to get any follow-up from the company.

It's refreshing to hear about positive experiences...

Al Wendorf of Gerdau Ameristeel in Madison, WI truly believes in good old customer service! Where as for some, the sale is the end - for Al the sale is only the beginning. After educating the contractor on the benefits of building with ICF (energy efficiency, solid concrete construction and ease of assembly, etc.), Al provides the necessary training and follow-up to ensure that the job goes smooth. He makes himself available to answer any questions and, if necessary, visit the jobsite with hands-on help.

And it's paying off! Al's commitment to the product and his customers have enabled Gerdau Ameristeel to triple their previous year's ICF sales and almost double their 2007 projections.

It's nice to see that great customer service still exists! Al, hats off to you! Quad-Lock is proud to be associated with such dedication.

Technical and Training

NAHB Offers ICF Educational Programs

As the demand for ICF construction rises, it's becoming apparent that more education is needed to address issues such as how contractors can make ICF a part of their business and training contractors to properly install ICFs.

In response, NAHB Concrete Home Building Council is now offering two ICF courses directed towards the contractor.

  1. An 8-hour classroom-based course designed for the home builder or general contractor wanting to learn how to transition their business from wood-framing to ICF.
  2. A hands-on 1-2 day course designed to provide the installer with enough information and basic skills to correctly install ICF walls.

For more information on either course or available instructors, contact Kate Driscoll, Senior Manager, Concrete Home Building Council of NAHB at 202.266.8362 or kdriscoll@nahb.com

Projects on the Go

Seattle Sees Green

One of the Northwest's highest profile public events - the Seattle Street of Dreams - is going green this year! Over 80,000 people will attend the Seattle Street of Dreams at Quinn's Crossing in Snohomish, WA between July 14 and August 19. They will all get to see green building in action.

Event organizers believe that tour-goers want to see the most innovative and cutting edge products and practices in new home construction. Much of that innovation is in addressing how our buildings impact the natural environment.

Sustainable Update

USGBC Toughens Energy Efficiency Criteria

In a move aimed at improving the energy performance of USGBC-certified buildings, projects will be required to incorporate at least two rating points (above prerequisite) under the Optimize Energy Performance criterion in order to be eligible for LEED recognition.

This is positive for ICF construction because specifiers will be looking for more energy efficient building methods. It's currently quite easy to obtain the first two rating points, but now builders/ developers will need to build new construction projects 17.5% more energy efficient than code. ICF and Quad-Lock easily offers that and MORE!

This is good news for the occupants of the building as well. ICF construction provides occupants a more energy efficient building, better air quality, peace and quiet and a safer place to live or work.

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