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   Issue #1

May 2007  

Waste Not...

This is some of the waste that was leftover from a 2000sqft residence - less than 1% of waste in total. Owner Barry Oberpriller quotes "every piece of cut Quad-Lock found another use somewhere else. All 1' and 2' pieces were re-used on the top row." What's really impressive is the fact that this entire home was built radially with very few right angles. Let's see other systems do that!

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Hot Topics / Events

As fast as...building with Quad-Lock

Just released, the new SAFE-R DVD has already met with very favorable reviews. This 12-minute video details why building and living in a concrete home is more comfortable, energy efficient and safer than living in homes built with other materials. The DVD includes our time-enhanced or "speed" video proving that Quad-Lock is a fast product to build with. A full basement and garage are formed in 3 minutes...let's see the competitor do that!

New marketing collaterals include the Saferoom Flyer and on the horizon are changes to the Installation Video, Product Manual, as well as a new GREEN-R Brochure, a Professional Services Brochure and a Green Roof Flyer. Watch for them all this summer!

Technical and Training

Earn 4.5 AIA Learning Credits

Local AIA Chapters, in conjunction with CMHC are hosting seminars. The ICF portion of the presentations have been a huge draw. Quad-Lock has already participated in successful presentations and have signed up for another ten throughout the US. Dates for several cities have yet to be confirmed, those scheduled so far, are as follows.

  • Los Angeles, CA - June 13
  • San Francisco, CA - June 14
  • San Diego, CA - June 15
  • Minneapolis, MN - June 27
  • Des Moines, MN - June 28

Projects on the Go

Commercial Flooring Project

Westside Concrete is supplying Quad-Deck on a 3-storey, 24-unit condominium complex along the Oregon Coast. Manhattan Beach Condominium Complex in Rockaway Beach, OR is built entirely from concrete; dividing walls are poured-in-placed concrete while floors utilize Quad-Deck ICF.

What's unique about this project is that because of its spoked radial design, each ICF flooring panel was able to be individually cut to a specific angle (ranging from 17 - 23 degrees), making it custom fit to the as-built situation. Originally designed for hollow-core precast panels, the switch to Quad-Deck flooring made sense because of its insulation qualities and the fact that site cuts could easily be made. It's costly and difficult to make any on-site adjustments to precast panels. The developer wanted insulated floors, and the fact that Quad-Deck is an ICF made installation quicker since there was no additional labor for insulation application requirements or any lifting equipment to place the heavy precast panels.

For more information on how to incorporate Quad-Deck into your next project contact us.

Sustainable Update

"Sustainable development meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." - World Commission on Environment & Development

ICFs are becoming an increasingly important part of sustainable building because:

  • Energy Performance. An R-38 insulation value will get up to 70% energy savings - high mass walls keep indoor temperatures continually moderated.
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality. No air infiltration, you control the air exchanges. Sound deadening - high STC ratings.
  • Building Durability. Impact testing for CAT5 tornado conditions does no structural damage. Four-hour fire rating.
  • Recyclable Product. Less than 2% on-site waste, all ICF cuts can be re-used as insulation fill on the jobsite or can be recycled.
  • Less Environmental Impact. Over the lifespan of the structure - virtually hundreds of years.
  • No Emissions. No CFCs, HCFCs, no off-gassing.

Return on Investment...

  • Smaller HVAC Sizing. Lower up-front costs.
  • Faster Construction Times. Lower carrying costs, lower interest rates on swing loans.
  • Government Assistance. Federal & State grant/loan programs for energy savings.


  • Lower Lifetime Costs. Ongoing costs for operation and maintenance are minimized.

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