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  Issue 43

November 2011  

Featured Project

100 Year-Plus Live/Work Home in Wisconsin

ICF Home-Office

Homeowners David & Jennie Dumbleton wanted to not only enjoy living in their beautiful home overlooking the historic Wisconsin River Valley, but also to run their thriving insurance business within this zen-like setting.


This 4,000sqft Quad-Lock & Quad-Deck project meets those needs and the owners' sustainability objectives easily for many years to come. They estimate to be saving at least 70% on energy costs!


Read How They Did It...


See more photos from the designer & builder - Midwest Modern LLC, and read their testimonial below.

in the News

Green Homes Need Good Roots


Quad-Lock dealer Mark Heinemann in Calgary worked with homeowner Dr. Paul Labrecque to create a home that was not only energy-efficient but utilized as much "green" technology as possible. The R-ETRO System on the exterior and basement interior walls will help achieve Dr. Labrecque's goal of making his home as close to "off the grid" as possible.


Read the complete article in the Calgary Herald.


See how R-ETRO can help bring your energy costs down.

Quad-Deck Testimonial

"After exhaustive comparisons of many different floor and roof systems, I found Quad-Deck to be the safest, highest performing, and most cost effective system available based on a life cycle cost analysis. This analytic method is the only measure of any building that is truly meant to last. Quad-Deck's function as a thermal mass heat sink, its solid feel underfoot, flexibility of design vs. other RC systems, ability to span long distances, and function as a base for a green roof are just a few of the reasons why Quad-Deck is my horizontal structure of choice."

Kyle Dumbleton
AIA, LEED Assoc.
Midwest Modern, LLC
Madison, WI

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McKinsey Study confirms Best Value of Building Insulation


A major consulting company, McKinsey & Company, studied the costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the findings were:


  • Biodiesel, Carbon capture and storage, and many other measures have high costs to reduce emissions compared to 'business as usual'
  • Better Building Insulation, Lighting Systems, Air-Conditioning, and Water Heating are among the most cost-effective measures - all with long-term net income (not costs) over 'business as usual'
  • Improved Building Insulation has the highest income!!!

Cost Curve Greenhouse Gas ReductionsThe intended audience of the study - policy makers - have listened and are starting to enact many changes related to buildings' efficiency, such as Building Performance Disclosures and the upcoming 2012 building codes in the U.S. and Canada with much more stringent insulation & air infiltration requirements (stay tuned for updates).


We know that the operating costs of a typical building over its lifetime easily exceed its construction cost - sometimes by a multiple. The conclusion is that building owners & operators should minimize the Total Cost of Ownership instead of only the cost of construction. One of the tools to help is a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA). Some other facts from the US Department of Energy:


  • The U.S. residential and commercial sectors consume almost 45% of all energy used (rest is industrial and transportation)
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation use about 56% of the energy in a typical U.S. home and about 51% for commercial buildings, making it the single largest operating expense

If I'm not making a mistake with these statistics, it appears that a very large portion - almost a quarter - of ALL energy used in the U.S. is for space heating, cooling and ventilation. Insulated Concrete Form building envelopes can reduce the heating and cooling component by up to 70% compared to 'business a usual' probably making it the single biggest and most cost-effective cut in a building's Total Cost of Ownership.


At last, policy makers and building owners & operators are getting the knowledge and tools to make the right building envelope decisions. Let's be ready to serve those needs!


Best regards,
Georg Kustermann


Read the McKinsey Quarterly - "A cost curve for greenhouse gas reduction"


Energy Star R-38 Home in Florida - a First for the Area

By Kathy Richardson, Kilowatt editor - Reprinted with permission


Kilowatt R-28 HomeThe home itself is fairly simple in design. It is a modern-looking contemporary home with combination stucco and lap siding exterior. The overall look of the home could be found in any subdivision in Florida. Perhaps the only tell-tale sign of its true extreme energy-efficient nature is the white metal roof.


The Satsuma home was recently certified as the first site-built Energy Star home in Putnam County. Jason I. Sheffield, a state-certified building contractor and owner of The Ivey Group, built the home for Clay Electric Cooperative members Dave and Kathy Kudlo.   


While this house is the first official Energy Star home Sheffield has built, he is no stranger to extreme energy efficiency. In fact, Kilowatt readers might recall the home that was featured in the May 2009 issue. That home, which Jason helped construct, belongs to his parents.  While not officially Energy Star, it is also extremely energy efficient and features a photovoltaic system and a geothermal heat pump.


Read the article in the Kilowatt Newsletter.



More about the R-38 Building Envelope: This Energy Star Home features Quad-Lock's R-38 TMO (Thermal Mass Optimized) insulated concrete forms using 2.25" Regular Panels on the interior and 4" Extra Panels + Regular Panels on the exterior. This configuration optimizes the use of the thermal mass capacity of the concrete core.


Learn more about how to super-insulate your building.


R-38 Wall Insulation with Insulated Concrete Forms


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