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Issue 24

June 2009  

R-ETRO System Makes Headlines Again

The R-ETRO System is featured in the latest issue of Environmental Building News - June 2009.

In this month's issue, an in-depth product review was written on the value of "Retrofitting Exterior Foam on Existing Walls"

Read a copy of the article.

Visit Environmental Building News at www.buildinggreen.com

 Quadruple the R-Value with R-ETRO

Turning a 1954 brick home, with no exterior insulation and walls that were not plumb, into an energy efficient home was the challenge.

Read how overcoming this challenge was possible with the R-ETRO Insulation System and how this home's R-Value more quadrupled from R-5 to R-24.

Read the full Project Profile on this R-ETRO installation.

New Product Announcement!

Quad-Lock's Waterproofing Membrane Now Approved as Termite Barrier

Quad-Lock Peel and Stick Membrane

Everyone loves a "two-for-one" bargain. Now Quad-Lock can offer both a waterproofing membrane AND a termite barrier in one product.

Soprema Canada, makers of Quad-Lock's branded "peel and stick" waterproofing membrane, has received testing data that rates their self-adhered ICF membrane product as showing "no evidence of excavation or penetration by termites" in a test designed by the world-renowned entomology department at Texas A&M University and performed by Trinity/ERD in Columbia, SC.

Read the full details and specifications on this announcement.

 Introduction to ICFs Webinars

Quad-Lock's Introduction to ICFs Webinars are still going strong.

The next webinar is on June 18th - see the complete schedule & register!

Join our Live Webinars!

"The goal of these webinars is really education" says DJ, Quad-Lock's Eastern North America Sales Director. "There is a lot of mis-information out there. Really all we are trying to do is be helpful to people who are interested in this building technology - if it helps sell Quad-Lock, that's great; but the real benefit is boosting the ICF industry."

During these 1-hour presentations, attendees will gain:

A basic understanding of ICF
An understanding of the types of structures you can build with ICF
Knowledge to make a more informed buying decision
Insight into the Quad-Lock difference

Reserve your seat in one of these upcoming webinars.

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Sales Corner - Know the Influencers

If you are in the profession of selling a product or service, this tip will be good for you. This is especially important to our Quad-Lock sales team of dealers, partners and Regional Sales Managers.

Have you ever worked extra hard to close a sale only to lose it to the competition. The sale that you were sure you would win because of the extra hours put-in, the special meetings, and more. I provided everything they asked for; technical data, CAD drawings, training AND I know I gave them a competitive price. What happened? I know my competition did not do as much as I did. Why did they win the job and I didn't?

There are two vital things important to every sale, large or small. The first one is the relationship and the second is knowing who the influencers of the project are. The relationship is important in any sales role. A strong relationship with your customers leads to trust, which in turn leads to more opportunities, sales, and loyalty. I think that everyone understands the importance of the relationship in sales, so let's talk about the influencers.

So you are working on selling Quad-Lock for a commercial project - here are the influencers, in no particular order:

  • Architect
  • General Contractor
  • Trades
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Owner/Client

There are actually more influencers, but for the sake of time and space, we will stick with these five. I want to stress the importance of trying to establish a relationship with all of the influencers on a project. The reason for this is that out of these five, only one has to object to using Quad-Lock to sway the others to a NO answer. Obviously, some will carry more weight on the NO than others, but the reality is ALL of the above do not want to have to invest more time, effort, or cost into a different technology. If that is the case, they will all choose the path of least resistance or comfort level and maybe that is CMU block, wood-frame, steel, or even another ICF.

This is where you come in. Make sure you are trying to build a relationship with the key influencers and providing them with all the information and help they need so they can't say NO! Call the owner/client and introduce yourself and ask if he or she has any questions. Know who the contractor is and who will be doing the ICF work or pouring the concrete. Do they require any training and how much do they know about ICF? Do the electricians and plumbers know how to install their trade with ICF? Does the architect have CAD drawings to make his job easier? Have all the influencers bought-in to the benefits of ICF?

At the end of the day or sales process, a comfort level should be established with all the influencers where they say: GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT SUPPORT, ALL MY QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. MY ANSWER IS A YES!

If you have lost a sale or project with Quad-Lock or any other product for that matter, I challenge you to establish a strong relationship with ALL the influencers of a project and I trust you will come away with more sales. Try it, you may be surprised!

Good Selling!

D.J. Ketelhut

Going Beyond the Block

Dealer Sales & Product Supply

Now, on to other products that go Beyond Quad-Lock Panels to help you set yourself apart as a "Total Project Solution" supplier.

Drainage and Radon Mitigation systems are quite common and are often specified in the soils report. While specific site conditions may warrant more in depth analysis, known conditions in the general locale will dictate minimum site drainage and radon removal requirements. If the project doesn't specify a drainage and/or radon mitigation system, suggesting one might be beneficial by adding value to the project, as well as your reputation as the "Total Project Solution" contractor. Take time to educate yourself on the basics of why and how these systems are used.

Water usually enters a structure at the foundation or under the main floor slab and can contribute to future mold problems, even if there is no apparent "active" water infiltration. CertainTeed makes a system called Form-A-Drain that, when installed properly, can alleviate both drainage and radon issues. Some product detractors claim that adequate drainage cannot be achieved if the units are installed completely level, and therefore some building code jurisdictions have prohibited its use. A common "generic" solution is to install flexible perforated perimeter drain piping in conjunction with a drainage mat or channeling material that directs water into the piping and away from the structure on the exterior side of the footer/foundation. On the interior side is commonly installed PVC perforated leach field pipe that collects the radon gas and allows the installation of a vertical exhaust pipe with a fan. In any case, installing drainage and/or radon mitigation systems is much cheaper and easier BEFORE the structure goes up than doing a retro-fit afterward.

Waterproofing or Dampproofing Materials are required by building codes (IBC and IRC) everywhere within the United States. Applied by roller, spray gun, peel and stick membrane, or other specialty products, dampproofing diverts water to the previously mentioned drain system on your project. Roller applied products are available from many sources but as a Quad-Lock dealer, you have direct access to a couple of good ones: The Colphene LM 300 product can be applied with a roller or sprayer. Its orange-red color helps the installer ensure that all voids and cracks are completely filled, an essential criteria for proper performance. There are numerous other similar products which may be available to you locally and which may perform quite well. It is critical that you determine the chemicals in the damp proofing materials you choose will not damage or disintegrate the Quad-Lock EPS panels. If you are uncertain, call Quad-Lock's Technical Services Department for verification before you purchase and, certainly before you apply it!

Various Peel and Stick dampproofing membranes are available and all are dependent upon a primer material for full adherence to the foam surface. The Peel and Stick type products usually require a toweled in cant fillet at the intersection between the wall and the footer using a multipart urethane product. Then, a 12" [305mm] wide protective membrane is placed over that critical area. Finally, the main membrane is placed starting at the top of the wall and applied downward over the filler, as water would flow. The object is to install without wrinkles, roller it into place to prevent bubbles, split and patch around pipes and windows/doors and then caulk all edges with a compatible material. Due to the complexity of the installation process, Peel and Stick membranes tend to have a lower success rate unless installed by a professional waterproofing firm.

Recently, Quad-Lock's branded peel & stick (made by Soprema Canada) was approved as both a waterproofing membrane AND a termite barrier. Read more about the details of the testing and specifications.

No matter what the dampproofing product, it is essential to have total and complete coverage of the foam to ensure a dry interior. However, it doesn't hurt to mention the unique and innovative integral water stop design of the Quad-Lock ties! Thanks to the ingenious shape of the plastic Quad-Lock tie, water has a very low chance to migrate directly through the wall. No other ICF manufacturer can make that claim!

Drainage Mats and Protection Barriers are used to direct excess water away from the foundation walls and into the foundation drain system. They are not classified as "waterproofing" materials because they do not seal the surface but they can be useful nonetheless. Products such as Delta MS Clear, provides a filter material as well as a drain mat. These products offer drainage solutions as well as protection for the ICF walls during backfilling to prevent compression or gouging by rocks or debris. These types of products are attached through the foam into the ties using stainless steel screws, adhesive and termination bars.

Parge Coating is a cement based material applied over the water or dampproofing material and beneath the exterior wall finish materials. This parge coating will take abuse from the inevitable weed whacker, or vehicles bumping the foundation, and will make those nasty termites surface if they're looking for a way into your building so your owner can eradicate them. Common products are Wall Ease from El Rey Stucco or Western's One Coat Stucco.

Finally, don't forget Spray Foam! Liquid spray foam can be used extensively all around an ICF project to seal openings in the walls such as the "common point" (See the Quad-Lock Installation Guide for explanation), pipe penetrations, corners, door and window openings, and even accidentally damaged foam panels. Common products are Foam-to-Foam, Dow Enerbond Spray Foam and Great Stuff. All of these use either a spray "gun" or a plastic straw attached to the nozzle of the can. All of these products and accessories are available through Quad-Lock.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to Go Beyond the Quad-Lock Panel with your Quad-Lock sales and installation. Take some time to learn about products you think could benefit your customers and do a little marketing as a "Total Project Solution" professional. You'll be pleased to see the benefits added to your reputation AND your bottom line!

John Hatfield - Regional Sales Manager, Rocky Mountain Region

We Need Your Help...

Proven Energy Efficiencies

As part of our on-going development of materials to assist in the sale of Quad-Lock, we want to create a library of statistics about structures built with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms. You can help us by submitting your energy bills, along with the bills from a comparable house in your neighborhood for us to add to our library. When you do this Quad-Lock will pay your highest month's energy bill for your troubles.

Contact us for more information.

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