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January 2008  

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  Why Quad-Lock?

• Superior Energy Performance

• Controllable IAQ

• Low Maintenance

• Long Lifespan

• Short Construction Times

= Less Environmental Impact
+ Lower Operating Cost

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Commercial ICF Tall Walls

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Do you want...

  • A green building that really does what it promises?
  • A building that has a lower appetite for energy?
  • A low maintenance building whose useable life is measured in centuries?
  • A building envelope that directly contributes to indoor air quality (IAQ)?

With Quad-Lock ICF, you can:

  • Decrease heating & cooling costs 40-70%.
  • Decrease the size of your HVAC systems.
  • Increase IAQ - no dust, mold or pollen; no air infiltration.
  • Speed up your construction times.
  • Achieve less than 2% recyclable waste.
"Without the energy-saving qualities of Quad-Lock's walls, there's absolutely no way we could have submitted these homes for LEED Certification."
LEED Certified ICF Homes

- Jim Hanna
Xanterra Parks & Resorts
Yellowstone National Park

"The energy efficiencies, sustainability and affordability were the key economic components driving the reasons for using these products."

- Developer
Senior Care Facility

Exceptional Green Roof Substrate

What if you could build in it less time & save on operating costs? With a concrete substrate, there is little or no change to the structural design to add a green roof...

Quad-Deck Green Roof Details

Find out why ICF & Concrete are the
best way to support your green roof

US Green Building Council Launches Educational Website

The USGBC has recently launched a new website www.Greenbuild365.org to transform green building education through global, online access. Greenbuild365.org will feature free and fee-based courses on green building technologies and innovation, along with practical training to prepare professionals to successfully apply LEED certification to building design, construction and operation.

ICF Installer Training

Quad-Lock and its dealers have over 40 training sessions scheduled over the next few months, including 6 Advanced Training events. Please see our website for an up-to-date training schedule.

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