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Business Opportunities with Insulated Concrete Forms

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in a growing industry, take a look at Quad-Lock's ICF products. Quad-Lock offers a line of innovative Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) products for walls, floors, roofs, and tilt-up construction. In addition, we pride ourselves in providing great service and support, both directly and though our value-added resellers.

State-of-the-Art Insulating Concrete Forms & Accessories

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are revolutionizing the global residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building industries. ICF construction has been growing at 25-30% per year for quite some time. Building with ICFs is gaining momentum over other building methods because with comparable costs, ICFs offer unparalleled comfort, energy efficiency, and safety ratings.

Quad-Lock has created 'third-generation' ICF products. Our ingeniously versatile wall system is easy to learn and work with and efficiently shipped and stored because of its flat-panel design. Because our building solutions were designed by professionals for professionals, they incorporate a complete system that includes tracking to secure the forms and various-length ties so wall cavities can vary from 4" to 26" and more in thickness.

Quad-Lock Service and Support Program

Quad-Lock is committed to providing our customers with everything they need to sell, estimate, and install our building solutions. Our program includes:

Distribution Partners


Quad-Lock Distributors: Building Materials Distributors

Local support & inventory, complimentary products

Quad-Lock Installers: Builders & Contractors


Architects / Designers / Engineers


Ready-Mixed Producers

ICF Concrete Mix

Building Material Distributors

Quad-Lock's ICF building solutions are sold throughout the world within our network of professional and experienced building materials distributors. They can train, service and supply their local builders & contractors with our building solutions. Please contact us to find out about criteria and availability.

As a Quad-Lock Distributor you'll shape the construction business in your area by providing the products, knowledge, and support for an emerging standard in construction. The Quad-Lock Team will be at your side every step of the way to support you in establishing and growing your ICF business.

Quad-Lock Distributors are expected to provide excellent customer service to their builder & contractor customers. We will help you become experts in estimating ICF jobs, jobsite training, and facilitating knowledge of our building solutions. You will need to locally stock components of and accessories for our building solutions and be able to extend credit to your customers.

Builders and Contractors

Builders & contractors work with their local Quad-Lock Distributor to build and promote ICF structures. To become a partner in our network and receive sales leads from us, contractors can complete our Installer Training Program. Some advantages to using Quad-Lock's building solutions are:

What it means for you

Increased Business: Owners of Quad-Lock buildings are highly satisfied and usually refer the product and the builder to many others. Installers who have completed our Training Program also receive quality leads from Quad-Lock.

Reduced Costs: Experienced installers can erect 30+ sqft per man-hour depending on the project. And one crew can install your complete wall eliminating the need for multiple subcontractors (framing, sheathing, furring, insulation etc.).

= Higher Profitability: Builders can profit more by building with Quad-Lock through increased business and reduced costs, timelines, and callbacks.

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