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  Issue 41

July 2011  


Quad-Lock Dealer, SER Construction, Makes Holiday Dream Project a Reality

Insulated Concrete Forms Home in Mexico


We recently received a letter from another very satisfied Quad-Lock homeowner. As Yuri Krasnov had already built his home with Quad-Lock in Massachusetts, he was convinced that building with Quad-Lock was the only way to go for his vacation home in Mexico. As his letter put it "of course, we wanted to build our home with Quad-Lock ICF again".


His reasons included:

- Quad-Lock's local dealer and his support

- Fast construction times

- Quad-Lock's great comfort & energy efficiencies

- Structural integrity to address the extreme weather conditions in this area


The building's location also presented some interesting geographical challenges, being 5km from the nearest electricity, 45km from the nearest cell phone service AND running water, 3hrs from the closest concrete facility, and having to battle swarms of horseflies that "have teeth and draw blood"! But all of these challenges were overcome, thanks to Ronnie Wilson of SER Construction with his Mayan crew, Yuri's vacation home in paradise is now a reality. After only 1 month they are ready to add the finishing touches to this 3500sqft home!


Read the letter from Yuri Krasnov.


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Final Test Results Are In: Quad-Lock's Superiority in Green Roof Construction and Thermal Performance is Confirmed


Quad-Lock Building Systems is pleased to announce the completion of a 2-year Green Roof research project in partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Centre for Architectural Ecology.  The BCIT facility has the mission of providing world-class independent research and education in the field of green roof and living wall technology.  The goal of this study was to provide objective data on the performance of various green roof structures.  To our knowledge, this is North America's first green roof study to be completed on an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) structure.

Quad-Lock's test structure (referred to as REM-10) incorporated an R-10 insulated slab foundation, Quad-Lock R-22 walls (6" concrete), and R-22 Quad-Deck (9" panels with 3" concrete slab) for the roof structure that's topped with a green roof layer (see below). This was compared side-by-side to a "control roof structure" featuring wood-framed walls and roof with an asphalt roofing layer (called Reference Roof).

  • Green Roof Research - Quad-Lock REM-10 under constructionGreen Roof Research - Quad-Lock REM-10 with green roof layer

The BCIT collected electronic data and evaluated the following:

  • Thermal performance and associated energy cost savings
  • Carbon emissions saved per square meter
  • Stormwater runoff quantity and quality for reuse
  • Plant species growth, soil media performances and maintenance requirements

Highlights of the findings include:


Heat Loss: Depending on the season, the Quad-Lock/Quad-Deck Green Roof REM-10 structure demonstrated a 50 to 75% reduction in heat loss, compared to the wood-framed control structure.


Heat Gain: Across all seasons, the REM-10 demonstrated an average 99% reduction in heat gain, compared to the wood-framed control roof structure.


Stormwater Runoff: Compared to a conventional roof without green roof layer, the REM-10 retained a yearly average of 69% of the rain falling on the roof surface, with 31% potentially available for reuse or disposal in a municipal system.


Read the rest of the article with charts and more pictures.


Learn more about the Quad-Deck ICF Green Roof Solution.


Project Focus: Twin 4-Storey Luxury Homes


ICF Walls and Floors in CondominiumIn the quaint oceanside village of White Rock, BC, if you meander down Victoria Drive towards the beach, you can't miss these twin imposing Quad-Lock projects under construction. These two homes - built side-by-side on the traditionally slim White Rock lots of only 30' by 120'- are 5200 sq.ft each and feature four levels, multi-level sun decks, and private pools.
Owner/builder Joe LePur of TMC Developments Inc. has many years of commercial construction experience, so when it came to building a superior home for himself and his family, he selected Quad-Lock and Quad-Deck. Convinced that "building better" with ICF was the smart choice, Joe chose the complete Quad-Lock system for walls and decks, as it offered him the flexibility he needed to overcome the combined challenges of building his big homes on such a restricted and uneven site.


Highlights of each of these luxury homes:

  • 4-levels
  • 5200 sq.ft including double garage
  • Quad-Lock interior and exterior walls (6" & 8")
  • Quad-Deck floors on every level and on the roof
  • an Elevator
  • a Swimming Pool each on the 2nd level!
  • Plus: All the proven insulation, comfort, and sound transmission benefits of being built with the complete Quad-Lock Building System - especially important when only 6ft from your neighbours!

These homes are still under construction - check out the current progress of these twin homes.

See more projects by TMC Developments.


DOE and the Appraisal Foundation Announce new Partnership to Focus on Energy Performance and Building Appraisals

Washington DC, June 13, 2011

Read announcementAs part of the Obama Administration's efforts to improve commercial building efficiency 20 percent by 2020, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a partnership with The Appraisal Foundation that will help expand access to energy efficiency and building performance information for commercial buildings and help American businesses to reduce energy waste. Under the new partnership, the Department of Energy and The Appraisal Foundation will work to ensure that appraisers nationwide have the information, practical guidelines, and professional resources they need to evaluate energy performance when conducting commercial building appraisals. This will help enable investors, building owners and operators, and others to accurately assess the value of energy efficiency as part of the building's overall appraisal.


Read the complete article and learn more about the Better Buildings initiative.


Also refer to the Advanced Energy Design Guides website or download it from ASHRAE (free, registration required).


Also see our article on Energy Performance of Insulated Concrete Forms.

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