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   Issue #8

December 2007  

Quad-Deck for Dessert?

One might wonder as to why we publish a picture of a beachfront condo project with conventionally formed concrete walls. However, if you look closely at the underside of the floors, you will see Quad-Deck ICF forms on every level. The units are all a "pie" shape, which meant that every piece of Quad-Deck had to be cut to a successively shorter length in order to fit. Through the magic of CAD technology, Quad-Lock was able to provide the exact lengths in order to fit the irregular shape. A small bevel cut was done on site, with minimal waste. The Quad-Deck floors spanned 31 feet at the longest dimension.

Each unit now has an R-34 insulated floor with a 2 hr+ fire separation, and an STC-53+ sound rating. The developer solved a host of issues with this single product, and was delighted at the speed and ease of handling of the Quad-Deck.

Quad-Lock's technical team is ready to help you design your next suspended slab or roof structure!

Contact the Quad-Lock Training and Technical Services Department for more information.


PCA Introduces Sustainable Briefing Kit

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has recently introduced a briefing kit that can answer all of your questions about concrete and cement usage in sustainable projects.

The kit includes FAQs about cement and concrete, a comprehensive list of national associations and organizations with an interest in sustainable development, fact sheets, tech briefs and case studies. It also includes a press kit. (A shameless plug, Quad-Lock's first LEED project at Yellowstone National Park is featured in one of the case studies!)

You can download the whole briefing kit, or just the parts that capture your interest by clicking PCA Briefing Kit.

You can also sign-up for their Concrete Thinking e-Newsletter that discusses cement-based applications for sustainable development.


The New Year

The end of a year often ushers in a time of reflection. Did I accomplish my goals in 2007? Did I make a difference in somebody's life? Did I make an impact on my business? Well you are not alone, the New Year is often used to redraw the baseline yardstick that acknowledges our past accomplishments and charts our future initiatives.

As we reflect on 2007, the residential building industry certainly has had some challenges. These included: less housing starts, a credit crunch-resulting in more scrutinized loans, lower home values, increased inventory, and an uncertain economy. What a scary time to be in the building industry, right? Not so fast.

Our challenges in the building industry the past year have set Quad-Lock apart even more, and stronger than ever. A great company adapts to the ever-changing marketplace and improves resources, products, services, and strategies to offset these challenges. One such change is Quad-Lock's commitment to be the premier "GREEN" supplier of ICFs in 2008 and beyond. This strategy, among others was recently shared by Hubert Max Kustermann, Quad-Lock's Chief Executive Officer, at our national sales meeting held at the end of November. I was further encouraged by our sales staff, they saw these new ideas as a positive step in providing consultative solutions to the "GREEN" market as well as others. Quad-Lock will continue to adapt to the market and improve for the betterment of ICF technology and our business. We will continue bringing value-added solutions to the building community; our future will continue to be strong despite the economy and other external factors.

So, as you reflect on 2007, I encourage you to look at all the positive things you accomplished. And remember, 2008 is a brand new year. This is a time to start fresh and make a difference in your business and your personal life. I wish you all a safe and memorable holiday season. Best regards from the Quad-Lock Team.

D.J. Ketelhut



Do you know how much easier it is to recycle Quad-Lock product than any other ICF on the market?

Let me step back and first say - you may not even have to ask yourself this question.

Quad-Lock, because of its panel-type design, nearly eliminates job-site waste - while other ICFs need to add in around a 12% waste factor, Quad-Lock users enjoy less than 2% wastage. Larger off-cut pieces (12" and 24") can be used in the walls between ties. Smaller pieces can be re-used for insulating utility trenches or attics (as examples). As for any extra ties, they can be used in your next project or returned to the Dealer.

Virtually all ICF installers who started with another ICF product and are now using Quad-Lock will tell you that keeping to a recycling program with another ICF product just is not practical.

Why, you ask? Well, in order to recycle you need to separate the foam from the webs that are integrated into the block products. Depending on the size of the project and the type of block being installed this can be a full-time, very messy job, for one person - with scarce labor resources for any building projects, it's hard for anyone to justify having one person just trying to 'do the right thing'.

Another reason why Quad-Lock is the best choice!

US Green Building Council Launches Educational Website

The USGBC has recently launched a new website www.Greenbuild365.org to transform green building education through global, online access. Greenbuild365.org will feature free and fee-based courses on green building technologies and innovation, along with practical training to prepare professionals to successfully apply LEED certification to building design, construction and operation.

ICF Installer Training

2008 Training Schedule

The end of 2007 is fast upon us, and that means the kickoff to the 2008 training season. In the coming year, Quad-Lock and its dealers have over 40 training sessions scheduled, including 6 Advanced Training events. Please see our website for an up-to-date training schedule.

This year's Basic Installer Training will still focus on "hands-on" experience for installing Quad-Lock. These very popular events continue to be in high demand, as the adoption of ICFs continues at a fast pace. New for this year's sessions are revised corner building techniques that have come from the field, a short introduction to Quad-Deck pan-forms for suspended floors and roofs, and new take-away materials to serve as a refresher, or for training additional crew members.

Six Advanced Training sessions are scheduled generally, back-to-back with Basic Installer Trainings. The 2008 sessions will still cover Quad-Deck basics, including shoring requirements and wall-to-floor connections, but will feature presentations on Green Roof and Tilt-up applications as well. All presentations will be designed to serve attendees in gaining a foothold in the "green" or sustainable building market. There will be an outline of what 'sustainable' building practices are and how Quad-Lock ICF products fit into these practices. Attendees will walk away with immediate and cost-effective solutions for answering questions that potential clients and their design professionals will be asking.

Please consult our website or your local Quad-Lock dealer for seminar information. Schedules may change without notice so please, confirm your dates.

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We wish you a Happy Holiday Season,
Quad-Lock Building Systems

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