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   Issue #2

June 2007  

Try this with a
block system!

Dear Reader,

It's a cliche, but a picture really is worth a thousand words!

We couldn't have found a better picture to show just how accommodating it is to build with Quad-Lock. Quad-Lock's versatility was paramount to this 7-storey condo project integrating ICF walls and floors in La Paz, Mexico. The walls were formed around pre-tied vertical rebar. Quad-Lock ties could easily be cut and placed around the rebar while panels were stacked up on either side.

Other types of wall systems, such as block systems, make this same scenario almost impossible because of the many issues faced with having to drop a block over this tall intense rebar pattern. There is no other ICF that could accommodate this amount of pre-tied steel.

Hot Topics / Events

ICF Endorsement by Top North American Residential Construction Gurus

Two of North America's top home construction /renovation gurus have endorsed ICF wall, floor and roof construction.

In addition to promoting the benefits of building concrete homes, Bob Vila takes it a step further to talk about the additional benefits of building a total concrete home including walls, floors and roofs. Click here to read why Bob Vila recommends building with insulating concrete floors. Bob Vila and ICFs

The Globe and Mail recently published an article written by Mike Holmes, of the syndicated home building and renovating show "Holmes on Homes". In it, he talks about new innovations in home construction and his excitement about ICF construction. Click here to read the entire article by Mike Holmes

Technical and Training

ICF Basements Have Lowest Life-Cycle Energy Costs

CMHC commissioned a study to update their economic assessment of residential basement insulation options to more accurately reflect the rising costs of basement construction and space-heating energy. They concluded that:

"For all types and sizes of basements assessed in this study, the lowest life-cycle energy cost was associated with basements constructed using insulating concrete forms (ICFs)." Click here to see full assessment CMHC Residential Basement


LEED for Homes - Draft Open to Public

U.S. Green Building Council invites the public to comment on the draft LEED for Homes Rating System, which is currently in pilot testing. LEED for Homes was developed to meet the unique needs of the residential market - single family and multi-family homes. Click here to review the LEED Homes draft USGBC Pilot Rating System. Comments can be made until July 14, 2007.

Projects on the Go

Multi-Use Commercial ICF Building

Mike Laver of Laver's Holdings gives us his insight into building and leasing commerical properties in the new Kyoto-Friendly Building Project Profile. Mike built his newest mulit-use building using Quad-Lock ICF for the walls and Quad-Deck for the floors.

See why Mike thinks these integrated ICF products were the best decision for his project. Check out this profile and others at Project Profiles.

Sustainable Update

New Collaterals Released

View three new Quad-Lock Marketing pieces highlighting sustainability:

  1. GREEN-R Brochure - Solution for Sustainable Construction
  2. Green Roof Flyer - Why Quad-Lock is the "Easiest Way to Support Your Green Roof"
  3. Green Checklist - Outlines sustainable building practices for both design and jobsite phases

Concrete and ICFs play an important role in any sustainable development. Long building lifecycle, low maintenance and operating costs, energy efficiencies and superior indoor air quality are just a few of the reasons to consider this building technology.

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