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  Issue 40

May 2011  

Featured Project

College of the Bahamas Library & Disaster Relief Center

Insulated Concrete Forms College Library


Located in Nassau, Bahamas, the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre is considered to be a beacon that symbolizes Bahamian scholastics and national development.

This library, built with Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms, is also designated to be a disaster relief shelter, rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, giving the students and surrounding community a safe haven in the event of an emergency.


Read the Project Profile.

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Moonstone Project Achieves Zero Carbon Rating & Zero Heating Standard


Net-Zero Home with Insulated Concrete Forms


Quad-Lock is proud to be a part of the Moonstone Project - a milestone in UK Eco-house construction. The expansive home in the Cotswolds, England, not only exceeds the UK's Code 6 Sustainable Homes Guide, it surpasses the German 'Passivhaus' energy efficiency standards by over 65%! This is quite a feat, especially when you consider that the home is over 21 times bigger than the average UK home, at 1,500 sqm (16,000 sqft). The entire construction process has been documented by the home's owner & builder, John Croft.


Quad-Lock was chosen for the basement and some of the interior walls based on the energy efficiencies and speed to construct. The 40m x 7m (131ft x 22ft) basement with a 3m (10ft) wall at the front and a 5.5m (18ft) wall at the back with a 20cm (8") concrete core took John and his brother less than 2 days to build and pour! Quad-Lock was also used for the infinity swimming pool as well as the boat/summer house on the lower lake.

The home has no heating demands, is not connected to mains water or sewerage, uses no fossil fuels, and is lit entirely by ultra low LED lighting. The building is self-sufficient in its energy requirements by utilizing an array of discretely positioned PV panels, which supply more electricity than the house uses. The surplus is fed back into the grid, generating an estimated income of £3,500/year (US$5,600/year).


See why John chose Insulated Concrete Forms for his eco-friendly house.


Quad-Lock ICF Projects Win
ICFA Excellence Awards


The ICFA (Insulating Concrete Form Association) recently announced the winners of their 2010-2011 Excellence Awards, all of which exemplify how insulating concrete forms are used in top commercial and residential projects. The awards were judged by several industry experts, including Amy Tuttle of Walls & Ceilings Magazine, Bud DeFlaviis of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, and Donn Thompson of the Portland Cement Association.


ICF Walls and Floors in CondominiumCongratulation to Villa Rose Condominiums - Winner of Silver in the Residential Category


Read the Project Profile and see some pictures.



Net Zero HomeCongratulation to Casa Del Sol - Winner of Bronze in the Sustainability Category


Read the Project Profile and see some pictures.


DOE Releases Guide for 50% More Energy-Efficient Office Buildings

Excerpt from BD&C Weekly

The U.S. Department of Energy today announced the release of the first in a new series of Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDGs) to aid architects and engineers in the design of highly energy-efficient office buildings. The 50% AEDG series will provide a practical approach to commercial buildings designed to achieve 50% energy savings compared to the commercial building energy code used in many areas of the country. This 50% AEDG for Small and Medium Office Buildings is the first in a series of four to be released in the coming months. These commercial building guides support President Obama's goal to reduce energy use in commercial buildings 20% by 2020 and will help drive demand for energy-saving products made in the United States.


See the Advanced Energy Design Guides website or download it from ASHRAE (free, registration required).


Also see our article on Energy Performance of Insulated Concrete Forms.




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