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Insulated Concrete Forms for Amazing Buildings

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) create the most comfortable, peaceful & healthy living environments with quick construction of truly durable, resilient and sustainable buildings.

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Build Ultra Performance

A One-Step Assembly: ICFs for walls, floors & roofs are used to form bunker-strong, CIP reinforced concrete buildings and they stay in place to provide world-class insulation, space for utilities, and backing for finishes.

Concrete and EPS last for centuries - not decadesDurable Solutions for residential, multi-family, commercial, hospitality, education & worship facilities
Sustainable Buildings: Better for Occupants and EnvironmentSustainable Buildings for cozy interiors, ready for Net-Zero, Passive House, and allergen filtering
Resilient Construction keeps you and your investment safeResilient Construction for Peace of Mind, especially in storm, fire, flood & earthquake areas
Healthy, Comfortable BasementsFinished Basements for Dry, Healthy & Comfortable extra space without musty smells


"After building and living in an ICF house, I can say with 100% confidence that it was the right choice for our dream home. After 30 years in home construction, I will never go back to conventional built - ever!" - Barry, owner-builder in MA

"Quad-Lock offers a simple out-of-box solution for building basement foundations that meet Passive House requirements. It truly is a one-step assembly, requiring no form stripping, no interior framing and no additional insulation than what is included in the form. From a cost perspective, it’s hard to beat." - Larry, builder in BC

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Build it Right

EPS insulation is the most cost-effective way to add value to buildings AND with low environmental impacts!

Research confirms that the best energy-solution is to stop wasting it in buildings and nothing comes close to the net income (not cost) of improved building insulation & airtightness.

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