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ICF Assembly - Metal Track and Wire Top Ties Installation
Quad-Lock Metal Tracks for straighter ICF walls

Insulated Concrete Forms: Metal Tracks & Wire Top Ties

Metal Tracks & Wire Top Ties are used to start and finish Quad-Lock ICF wall assemblies.

Metal Tracks

Quad-Lock Metal Tracks are made from 22-gauge galvanized steel and are pre-bent to fit the dimensions of the panels. The Metal Track is available in 2¼" [57mm] width for use with regular panels or in 4¼" [108mm] width for use Quad-Lock Plus panels. Metal tracks are used:

  1. on the bottom of the first course of panels to secure the bottom of the wall. They are fastened to the concrete footing or slab, using a minimum of 1¼" [32mm] long nails or Hilti style pins every 2-2½' [60-75cm].
  2. in conjunction with Wire Top Ties as the ladder brace to finish the top of the wall.
  3. to form bottom sill of window bucks.
  4. to form brick ledges with wire ties, plastic ties, and track.

Wire Top Ties

Quad-Lock Wire Top Ties are used in conjunction with the Metal Tracks to easily finish the top of Quad-Lock walls. They keep the top panels plumb, secure and in position to create a straight wall. They also provide easy placement of horizontal rebar close to the top of the wall.

Quad-Lock Wire Top Ties

Wire Top Ties save time on bracing as it is no longer necessary to cut wood members which later require stripping. Because spreader cleats are not needed, it is also easier to trowel the top of the concrete. Wire Top Ties are made from 6 ga. galvanized steel wire and are bent to securely fit the contours of the panels and into the tie slots in the panel.

Wire Top Ties - Click for higher resolution Wire Top Ties Assembly - Click for higher resolution Wire Top Ties Corner - Click for higher resolution Wire Top Ties Pour - Click for higher resolution

Flex Track

Flex Track is used to secure radius walls for impressive architectural details. Available in U-shape for 2.25" thick panels and L-shape for 4.25" thick panels.

U-shaped Flex Track for regular panelsL-shaped Flex Track for PLUS panels

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