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Issue 11

April 2008  

Tips & Tricks

Marketing Tip

The easiest way to promote your business is to get known within the community that you work. For example, while you (or your customer) are building a Quad-Lock home, contact the local media (newspaper, radio, etc.) and let them know that you have a project of interest - invite them for an "open house" where they can view the project while it's being constructed (and ask them back when it's finished!). Make sure you have a feature sheet prepared about the project, include salient features about the home and about the construction method, this will make their job easier when they are preparing materials for release. You already know why Quad-Lock is a superior building technology, make sure you communicate that to the media - they'll be as excited as you to talk about the project!

If you need any help putting a press kit together for your project, we'd be happy to assist, contact us.


Reduce waste by utilizing scrap pieces. Any 12" piece of Quad-Lock panel will fit between two ties, and the extra joint is not a concern. Many builders store 8" and 10" scrap pieces in the empty tie boxes for forming doors and windows on later jobs. Cut tie flanges can be used at corners and T-walls.

Read more Reuse & Recycle Tips.


Oro Coatings is an architectural synthetic stucco finishing system made from 100% acrylic resins and is non-cementitious. The ORO System was engineered to enhance the performance of ICF construction and is made from over 48% recycled/reclaimed materials. Find out why ORO has moved to the top of the preferred coating system list for Quad-Lock by requesting a product information kit today. Visit OROCoatings.com or call 888.676.2683 to receive preferred pricing for the best synthetic stucco system on the market.

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Energy Performance & R-Values...
Fact or Fiction

"The R-value tells me how much energy my house will use, right?" R-value measures the resistance a material has to heat transfer, this much is true. R-value alone, however, does not fully describe the energy performance of a building. Everyone in the ICF community knows that ICF buildings far outperform framed buildings with comparable stated R-values in terms of energy efficiency and comfort level, but why is that? Let's look at the main factors affecting actual energy performance of a building: Thermal Conduction, Convection & Mass.

Read the rest of the article on Energy Performance & R-Values.

Welcome Spring...

You may have missed it, but the first day of Spring in North America was March 20, 2008. For those of you in the Southern hemisphere who have been enjoying fair weather, it is in sharp contrast to our regions that have been pelted with heavy snowfalls since Spring arrived.

Spring is often characterized by warmth, flowers and renewal. The brown-gray hues of winter yield to vibrant colors and outdoor activities. Who can't be excited about that? It also marks the construction industry kicking into gear - it's when many areas that are affected by cold and snow come to life.

There has been much discussion in the news regarding the US economy, the declining real estate prices, and the poor housing market. Sure, there are some challenges ahead, but let's be optimistic. There will still be thousands of new homes built in the US in 2008. There will still be thousands of commercial projects started in 2008. The population is still increasing and, they ultimately require housing. I ask you, "Is the glass half full or is it half empty?"

The challenges in the construction and housing market are helping improve our industry. With tightening market forces, industry suppliers must be more competitive and that doesn't mean lowering your price. Does your product or service differentiate you from your competitors? Is superior customer service ingrained in your staff? Is your product seen as responsible, GREEN or earth-friendly?

As this year's long-awaited Spring joins us in North America, I challenge you to renew your attitude and focus on the positive things in the construction industry and how you can make a positive difference. Whether you are selling or building, the time is ripe with opportunity. And please, don't forget to smell the flowers along the way. Good Selling.

D.J. Ketelhut

We Need Your Help...

 Proven Energy Efficiencies

As part of our on-going development of materials to assist in the sale of Quad-Lock, we want to create a library of statistics about structures built with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms. You can help us by submitting your energy bills, along with the bills from a comparable house in your neighborhood for us to add to our library. When you do this Quad-Lock will pay your highest month's energy bill for your troubles.

Contact us for more information.

2008 Trade Shows

Apr. 16-17 Construction Expo of ME - Augusta, ME
Apr. 21-24 Going for the Green - various locations in Alaska
Apr. 30-May 1 Worship Facilities Conference - Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 30-May 2 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - Baltimore, MD
May 11-13 NAHB Green Building Conference - New Orleans, LA
May 15-17 AIA Expo (CHMC Exhibit) - Boston, MA
May 15-17 Greenbuilding e Solarexpo - Verona, Italy
May 18-21 ICSC Spring Convention - Las Vegas, NV
May 20-22 Green West Expo - Los Angeles, CA
Jun. 11-12 CaGBC Green Summit - Toronto, ON
Sep. 5-9 Fiera di cento - Cento, Italy
Sep. 19-21 Sejem MOS - Celjie, Slovenia
Sep. 19-21 Pärnu Ehitus - Pärnu, Estonia
Sep. 25-27 West Coast Green - San Jose, CA
Oct. 16-18 Ehitusmaterjalide ja -seadmete mess - Tartu, Estonia
Oct. 21-23 Green East Expo - New York, NY
Oct. 26-30 Interbuild - Birmingham, UK
Nov. 19-21 USGBC GreenBuild Expo - Boston, MA

For more details, please visit our Events & Trainings Listings.

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