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Insulated Concrete Forms Explained

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are forms for cast-in-place, reinforced concrete walls. The forms are left in place permanently to serve as thermal & acoustic insulation, space to run electrical wiring & plumbing, and as backing for gypsum boards on the inside and stucco, brick, or other siding on the outside.

The forms are usually made of foam insulation and are either

  1. separate panels that are connected with plastic ties or
  2. pre-formed interlocking blocks

Concrete Cores for Different ICF SystemsDifferent ICF systems also vary in the shape of the resulting concrete within the wall:

  1. "Flat" systems form even thickness concrete throughout the walls, like a conventionally poured wall.
  2. "Grid" systems create a waffle pattern where the concrete is thicker at some points than others.
  3. "Post-and-Beam" (or "screen grid") systems form discrete horizontal and vertical columns of concrete (no fire resistance).

Also refer to the Construction Overview.

Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms are a flat system using panels and ties. Main advantages (see more under Quad-Lock Advantage):

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