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Owners of Quad-Lock ICF buildings consistently praise their living comfort, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and strength.

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BETTER Investment

  • Ultra Energy Efficient - The Quad-Lock system can reduce heating & cooling costs by up to 70% compared with wood construction.
  • Durable - concrete structures can last for 100s of years versus decades, with lower maintenance costs.
  • Smart - Insurance premiums and HVAC costs can be lower for Quad-Lock homes and re-sale values are typically higher - futureproof your big investment!

BETTER Health & Comfort

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Quad-Lock ICF walls will not promote rot, mold or mildew. Reduced air infiltration allows better conditioning & allergen filtering of indoor air.
  • Comfortable - consistent inside temperatures without cold spots or drafts.
  • Peace & Quiet - with amazing reduction in noise transfer compared to wood-framed buildings.


  • Super Strong - Resilient Buildings can be designed to withstand many hurricane/tornado force winds and associated flying debris, keeping your family or business secure.
  • Fire Resistant - Quad-Lock walls have a firerating of up to 4 hours compared to only 1 hour for wood walls.

The Bottom Line:
Total Cost of Ownership is Lower
for a Quad-Lock ICF Building


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