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Quad-Lock Announces New 3" ICF Panel System for R-28 Walls

3" thick Insulated Concrete Forms provide extra strong and super-efficient building shells designed to meet the latest building science recommendations and the upcoming Building Code requirements

October 17 2012, Surrey, BC:  Quad-Lock Building Systems today announced the release of a new R-28, 3 Inch Panel System named QPX3. "We are continuously improving our product line to offer more value for our customers.  The new 3" panels provide a 20% stronger product with 27% higher insulation values to meet today's building science recommendations for many climates" says Georg Kustermann, director of Quad-Lock.

R-28 Insulated Concrete FormsAs the leading innovator in the Insulated Concrete Forms industry and the only ISO 9001 and 14001 certified ICF manufacturer, Quad-Lock has been at the forefront of adapting its products to changing market needs since 1994.  The new QPX3 Panel System is the newest offering designed with the latest building science and upcoming building code changes in mind.  Its insulation value of R-28 is 27% higher than most ICFs on the market.  QPX3 integrates seamlessly with current Quad-Lock solutions, providing unprecedented options in insulation values, such as R-22 below grade and R-28 above, or R-38 and more for Passivhaus standards.

Developed by German engineers and American builders for optimal efficiency and ease of use during construction, the design features of the QPX3 Panels include:

QPX3 can easily be shaped to form all the design elements of modern buildings - wide openings, arches, corners, any angles, and real curves with almost any radius.  Being a panel ICF system, it significantly reduces jobsite waste and associated costs - both in material and labor - and it cost less to ship and store compared to most block-ICFs.

See Quad-Lock's website for further details on the R-28 ICF Wall System.

Quad-Lock Building Systems is dedicated to improving our environment & well-being by offering sustainable building envelopes. Quad-Lock's Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for walls, floors and roofs create very energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe buildings at a lower total cost of ownership. Quad-Lock's professional partners and staff pride themselves in providing excellent customer support from start to finish.

For more information on Quad-Lock and its products visit www.quadlock.com or call 1-888-711-5625.


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