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Press Release - October 20, 2005

Quad-Lock adds to Product Line with Plus-FS Panel

Quad-Lock Plus-FS Panel (cutaway view)SURREY, B.C. - In a continuing effort to offer timely & innovative product developments for our customers, Quad-Lock Building Systems announces a new Plus Panel that includes a Fastening Strip (FS Strip). Our 4.25" Quad-Lock Plus Panel is 2" thicker than our regular panel and was developed to produce even greater savings on heating and cooling costs. Using a regular pair of Quad-Lock panels provides an R-Value of R-22; this can be extended to R-30 or R-38 with the use of the Quad- Lock Plus Panels. "A logical extension of these panels is to have an FS Strip available in them so that a variety of exterior finishes can be easily used" remarked Hubert Max Kustermann, CEO for Quad-Lock. With this new product, Quad-Lock is offering the widest product range of the industry: three different R-Values, four different ICF panels that can be combined for ten different wall configurations, and five different concrete cavities. Clearly, the versatility of Quad-Lock is unmatched. The Quad-Lock building system can adapt to any architectural design, energy savings requirement and structural engineering.

The timeliness of this product addition is in answer to a request by Tony Vizza of Robson Valley Home Hardware. As Quad-Lock's dealer, Tony needed a solution for the new Recreational Hall and Convention Centre being built in the northern community of McBride, B.C. This multi-use concept building is being designed by Architect Thaddeus D. Young. The McBride Recreation Hall will be built on the same site as the Robson Valley Recreation Centre. "The versatility of Quad-Lock ICF was a real draw for us" says Dale Stephens former resident and Project Coordinator with Anderson Greenplan "because we can use a forming configuration that will realize an R-Value of R-30 we know we will have significant heating and cooling cost savings." Further, Stephens states "We have 20-foot high walls that we can make visually stunning by incorporating a number of different finishes – that's why the Plus FS panel was of particular interest for this project." ICF construction is gaining momentum over other building methods because of its unparalleled comfort, energy efficiency and safety ratings. "Insulation values, product availability, ease of construction and exterior finishes were concerns for our team, we found that Quad- Lock had all the answers for us" commented Mike Monroe, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Area H Director.

This facility will be a venue for sporting and non-sporting events. Key to the development is the exploration of environmentally friendly options that will reduce ongoing operating costs and have the potential for federal government funding. In the long term, the community can market the building for retreats, conferences and conventions. Mike Frazier, Mayor for the Village of McBride emphasized "we chose Quad-Lock for numerous reasons, the company/dealer representation was top-notch, having Tony and Rico Vizza as the local suppliers who could provide timely product information and support added to the confidence we had in our decision".

Quad-Lock has proven itself as the manufacturer of the most versatile and highest quality insulating concrete forming system on the market and customer satisfaction is our mission. Quad-Lock Building Systems operates on three fundamental philosophies - a commitment to excellence, a commitment to training and a commitment to marketing. The Company demonstrates its continued commitment to providing the industry with a building system that is innovative in design, support and customer satisfaction. Only with the Quad-Lock system and its unique Quad-Lock Plus panel, can you achieve the highest TRUE R-value in the Industry - R-38. For more information on Quad-Lock and its products visit www.quadlock.com or call (888) 711-5625.