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Press Release - June 13, 2005

Quad-Lock Introduces Quad-Deck for Floors, Roofs and Tilt-up

Quad-Deck Concrete Floors (251kB)
Quad-Deck ICF Tilt-Up

Quad-Deck is a new joist and deck forming system for floors and roofs that can be used for both commercial and residential construction. Quad-Deck combines the strength, security and reliability of concrete with the energy efficiency, design flexibility and comfort of insulating concrete forms (ICF).

"Quad-Deck is an integral component in our ability to offer our customers a complete building solution. We have developed a system to seamlessly integrate Quad-Lock walls with Quad-Deck floors" says Hubert Max Kustermann, CEO of Quad-Lock Building Systems "Because of the modular design, units are replicated very quickly. Also, it's much easier on the forming crews since they're only hauling foam around the jobsite."

Each of the 2-foot wide expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels are supported and reinforced with two integral steel beams molded into the product from end to end. Between the panels, concrete beams are formed two feet on center. In addition, integrated access chases are premolded in the panels. The result is a self-supporting joist and deck forming system that provides the strength of a reinforced concrete deck with a minimum of materials and labor. Trained crews can install Quad-Deck panels, ready for placing rebar and pouring concrete, in an average of one minute per square foot.

Quad-Deck can also be used in tilt-up applications. The integrated joist design means thinner bearing walls, lighter panels and an easier, faster tilt. When used in commercial building projects, each project is pre-engineered and panels are delivered on-site labeled for efficient placement and assembly. As with any concrete floor or wall, every Quad-Deck project has to be approved by a certified engineer.

Quad-Deck provides superior insulating qualities that reduce noise level from the roof and between floors, as well as from the exterior of the structure. Quad-Deck offers an R-Value range of R-10 to R-25. Insulation is assured by the unique tongue and groove connection between the Quad-Deck panels. Quad-Deck comes in different thicknesses to form concrete beams from 5 to 10.5 inches thick for free spans up to 34 feet. Panels are factory cut to the exact length needed on the jobsite.

Quad-Lock has proven itself as the leading manufacturer of the most versatile and highest quality insulating concrete forming system on the market and customer satisfaction is our mission. For more information on Quad-Lock and its products visit www.quadlock.com or call 1-888-711-5625.