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Quad-Lock FS Panel with exposed Fastening strips for illustrationPress Release - October 25, 2004

Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms Adds to its Product Line

SURREY, BC – In response to customer demand, Quad-Lock is pleased to introduce the new Fastening Strip (FS) panel. The three panels now part of Quad-Lock’s product line can be used to form six different wall configurations, proving that Quad-Lock is the most versatile Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) on the market today.

The fastening strips in the panel are held by the ties and thus provide for an uninterrupted vertical attachment. Its main purpose is to allow easy installation of lapped siding. Production of the FS panel began at the beginning of October 2004.

The FS panel has the same dimensions as the Regular panel; it is 48" long by 12" high and 2¼" thick and is easily identifiable by the dots on the face of the panel. The 1½" wide fastening strips are molded into the panels every 12" on center. The FS panel is generally only used on the outside of exterior walls, while the Regular Quad-Lock panels are used on the inside.

The six wall configurations range in R-value from R22 to R40 providing the highest TRUE R-value in the industry. They are formed using the following panel combinations:

  1. Quad-Lock FS Panel - wire frame view for illustrationRegular/Regular
  2. Regular/Fastening Strip
  3. Fastening Strip/Fastening Strip
  4. Plus/Fastening Strip
  5. Regular/Plus
  6. Plus/Plus

Quad-Lock Building Systems operates on three fundamental philosophies – a commitment to excellence, a commitment to training and a commitment to marketing. Their ongoing research and product development demonstrates a continued dedication to producing a building system that is innovative in design, testing and customer satisfaction.

For more information on Quad-Lock Building Systems or the Quad-Lock FS Panel, visit www.quadlock.com or call 1-888-711-5625.