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5 storey Quad-Lock ResidenceJuly 20, 2004

They like it, they really do like it!
And the Winner in the ICF category is…

…the 5-storey 8500 sqft Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home in Auburn, WA. Congratulations go out to the entire design, engineering and construction team who were involved in the Wright & Wei-I Han home. Recognized at this years Annual Awards Banquet held June 17th in Bellevue, WA, this project took top honors for best Residential ICF construction.

The Excellence in Concrete Awards, administered through the Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association (WACA), provides the concrete industry an opportunity to honor architects, engineers, developers and contractors for their excellence in concrete construction.

A total of 44 projects competed this year in nine different categories. Entries were submitted and judged by an independent panel of industry professionals, comprised of 2003 award winners. "Winning this category is great because it means that the concrete industry chose this building as a significant structure for ICF construction. Building with ICFs is being recognized as a viable construction method" states Peter Pierroz, Quad-Lock’s Western Sales Manager for the US.

The homeowners wanted a Frank Lloyd Wright style home that would stand the test of time. Concrete was the perfect choice for building a home that will last forever. A combination of concrete (insulating concrete forms), steel and glass were used. Wood wasn’t even a consideration. "Concrete had been defined as a project requirement from the beginning. After extensive research, tilt-up and wood panel forms were dismissed as having greater safety liabilities, and were deemed more expensive. We chose Quad-Lock because it provided a safer alternative with light weight components, a one-side bracing system and an interior surface that did not require furring" stated the project manager Paul Lockwood of Tohbak Construction.

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The design challenged the inexperienced installation crew. They had to master the learning curve of building with a new method quickly - through 19 angles and 2 corners. The crew used the first floor as their training ground. Once mastered, the remaining floors went up much quicker. They assembled 2000sqft of wall in a day and a half. Total construction took 54 weeks upon the start of excavation.

Quad-Lock Building Systems operates on three fundamental philosophies – a commitment to excellence, a commitment to training and a commitment to marketing. The company demonstrates its continued commitment to providing the industry with a building system that is innovative in designs, support and customer satisfaction. Working with local dealers, Quad-Lock continues to educate people on the benefits of building with concrete and ICF construction. Only with the Quad-Lock system and its unique Quad-Lock Plus panel can you achieve the highest TRUE R-value in the industry – R40.

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