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June 11, 2003

Finishing on Top Just Got Easier

Wire Top Tie (274KB)Quad-Lock works hard to be a leader in developing Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for residential and commercial construction. It is a continuous challenge to provide the industry with the most efficient-to-build ICF system on the market. In an ongoing effort to meet this goal, Quad-Lock is pleased to announce the addition of their new Wire Top Tie, which works exclusively with the Quad-Lock system to create a plumb top finish to the wall using less material and labour.

Quad-Lock's Wire Top Ties increase the speed of finishing the top of walls. They save time on bracing and it is no longer necessary to cut wood members, which later require stripping. Because spreader cleats are not needed, it is also easier to trowel the top of the concrete. The Wire Top Ties keep the top panels plumb, and when used in conjunction with Quad-Lock J-track, the wall is kept secure and in position, creating a straighter wall.

The Wire Top Tie has been successfully tested for a year and is a new addition to the Quad-Lock system product line. Dacs Industries, a Quad-Lock dealer with a background in auto parts manufacturing, developed the tie. They saw an opportunity to invent a product that would make the building process quicker and better for their contractors. Quad-Lock now stocks an inventory of the new Wire Top Tie for all available wall widths. The Wire Top Ties are sold in boxes of 100 and are competitively priced.

Wire Top Ties in action (179KB)The main component of Quad-Lock's building system, the ICF panels, are made from expanded polystyrene and offers a number of benefits when compared to other types of construction. By combining different panel thicknesses, R-Values of R-22, R-30 or R-38 can be achieved. Walls are inherently airtight and better insulated (lower energy costs), quieter (STC Rating of 57), fire proof (3-4 hour rating), resistant to natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc.), non-toxic and not susceptible to rot.

Quad-Lock Building Systems began in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing the building market with an alternative system that would conserve energies, but still offer exceptional design versatility. With the addition of the Wire Top Tie, Quad-Lock continues to meet these objectives while offering a reduced build time - a demonstration of their on-going commitment to their contractors and future building inhabitants.

For more information on Quad-Lock Building Systems or the new Wire Top Tie, visit www.quadlock.com or call 1-888-711-5625.