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April 22, 2002

Volunteers Build ICF Church in Oregon

Last July marked the completion of a mighty, concrete building project – the Sulamita Slavic Evangelical Church located at 20500 SE Sandy Boulevard, Gresham, Oregon. Foreman, Sergey Zhelnovakov, who assembled the church with volunteer labor and the easy-to-use Quad-Lock Building System, professionally orchestrated the project.

Zhelnovakov chose Quad-Lock “because of the money savings.” He explained that, “volunteer labor was used to assemble the Church and not requiring high paying skilled labor helped to keep costs down.” He added that, “money will also be saved on heating and cooling.”

Concrete Special Ties of Gresham, Oregon was the supplier of the Quad-Lock system, reinforcing steel and seismic hardware for the project as well as all technical support and volunteer training. Insulated Concrete Form encompassed almost 34,000 square feet of the project. The sanctuary, school and lobby were all constructed with 34-35 feet high, ten-inch thick exterior walls. Troutdale Sand & Gravel poured approximately 1300 cubic yards of concrete for the walls and concrete formed floors and sidewalks.

Contractor, Sergey Michalchuk of Complete Inc., confessed that this was his first project using the Quad-Lock system. He was impressed with the strength and uniformity of the walls and with the speed and ease with which the crew was able to form the walls around double curtain reinforcing. The walls were stacked and poured eight feet at a time and when all was said and done, the walls were extremely straight.

Quad-Lock Building Systems began in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing the building market with an alternative system that would conserve energies, but still offer exceptional design versatility.

Quad-Lock panels are made from expanded polystyrene and offer a number of benefits when compared to other types of construction. Walls are inherently airtight and better insulated (lower energy costs), quieter (STC Rating of 57), fire proof (3-4 hour rating), resistant to natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc.), non-toxic and not susceptible to rot.

Quad-Lock’s unique system of only four components lent to the success of the Sulamita project, assembled by a crew of volunteers. Regardless of Lorenzo Nelson’s architectural design, Quad-Lock’s patented panel and tie design easily formed angles, arches, and rounds without the need for any custom-made or specially ordered parts.

Quad-Lock Building Systems answered all of the needs for Sulamita Slavic Evangelical Church – a beautifully designed and constructed sanctuary that will continue to provide peace and energy savings…everlasting.

For more information on the Sulamita Slavic project or Quad-Lock Building Systems contact us or call 1-888-711-5625.


Project Details

Address: 20500 SE Sandy Blvd Gresham, OR

Completion Date: July 2001

Architect: Lorenzo Nelson Church Architectural Services Portland, OR

Engineer: Miller Engineering 9570 SW Barber Blvd Portland, OR 97219

Contractor: Sergey Michalchuk Complete Inc. 3302 SE 122nd Portland, OR

Foreman: Sergey Zhelnovakov Zhelnovakov Construction Portland, OR

Concrete Supplier: John Myers Troutdale Sand & Gravel PO Box 397 Troutdale, OR 97060

ICF System: Quad-Lock Building Systems 7398 132nd Street Surrey, BC V3W 4M7 1-888-711-5625

ICF Supplier: Concrete Special Ties PO Box 405 Gresham, OR 97030