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Letter of Appreciation from the Surrey Pentecostal Assembly


"We at Forever Homes build only custom concrete houses using Quad-Lock. We need a product that's strong, accurate and adaptable to all situations. Quad-Lock is that product."
- Brian Honcoop, Forever Homes; Bellingham, WA

"It was the first time our contractor had used Quad-Lock and we were very impressed with the ease and speed of installation."
- Larry Koop, Lifestyles Assisted Living; Chilliwack, BC

"Having been in the building business for nearly 30 years, I have seen a lot of different building products and methods. [..]

Believing that building with ICF's was in fact a better building method, I tried [..] to find one that from a builder's perspective feasibly made sense. I couldn't find one, and so for 10 years I abandoned [..] insulated concrete forms.

Then I passed a Quad-Lock project one day while driving down the road on an out-of-town business trip. I was amazed to see how fast the building had gone up since I had driven past the site earlier that morning. I stopped by, met the builder and was amazed at the technology incorporated into the system. The walls were straight, there were no blowouts, and I was impressed with the structural strength of the panel and tie system.

Finally, I found a system that worked. Wanting to be associated with this quality product, I became the Quad-Lock dealer in my region. I soon realized that besides having a great product, Quad-Lock was also a great company. From on-site technical training and joint marketing programs to continuous research and friendly service, I couldn't ask for a better business partner. The company's business ethic is unparalleled in the industry."

- Steve Vaughan, HiCaliber, Inc.


"[..] After several years of research, and the fact that our climate has created a large leaky condo problem, costing people their life savings, I decided to use an ICF product for the wall systems and Quad-Deck for the floor systems. The energy efficiencies, sustainability, and affordability were the key economic components driving the reason for using these products. [..]

Because of the staff and because of their desire to provide the best product available and because of my personal research and now a much better understanding of how an ICF block should work, the only company that I will deal with in our future projects would be Quad-Lock."

- Developer in British Columbia, Canada

"[..] As the chief concessionaire in Yellowstone National Park, Xanterra operates the lodging, restaurants, gift shops and many tour adventures inside the Park. As a steward of one of the earth's most cherished treasures, we've committed Xanterra to operate in the most sustainable ways possible, including construction of new buildings on park property.  Incorporating Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms into our new housing made this job a whole lot easier. We effectively tripled our homes' R-values over standard construction materials, an important accomplishment in the heat-sapping winters in Yellowstone. Additionally, our ICF walls are excellent heat sinks that augment the effectiveness of the houses' passive solar design, maintaining a comfortable living environment year-round and minimizing the number of days we have to heat the buildings. Without the energy-saving qualities of Quad-Lock walls, there's absolutely no way we could have submitted these homes for LEED certification.

Most importantly, Xanterra's new Quad-Lock homes are a model for future sustainable construction products at Yellowstone and other National Parks around the country, where conservation of limited resources is a mantra we take very seriously.

Thanks for helping Xanterra stay 'green'."
- Jim Hanna, Xanterra Parks & Resorts®; Yellowstone National Park, WY
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Home Owners

"After building and living in an ICF house, I can say with 100 percent confidence that it was the right choice for our dream home. After 30 years in home construction, I will never go back to conventional built - ever!"
Barry Oberpriller, owner-builder of Casa del Sol

Finished Quad-Lock Home - Norbert and Christa HolmBeauty and Strength

"Having owned several homes of conventional frame construction over the past 40 years, we always dreamed of building a truly solid home some day, like we remembered them from our native Germany.
Researching suitable locally available components, which would allow for a rather sophisticated architectural design (not a bunker!), we came across Quad-Lock. A unique system of interlocking foam blocks, acting as self supporting steel reinforced forms for concrete filling, and remaining in place as highly effective heat and sound barriers, both inside and outside. We used Quad-Lock for all exterior and bearing interior walls.
We much enjoy living in our indeed solid new home."
- Norbert and Christa Holm, homeowners; Pender Harbour, BC

Finished Quad-Lock Home in Gresham, OREnergy Efficient Refuge

"When we elected to use Quad-Lock it was primarily for the energy savings, but what we got was much more. Our home is our refuge, insulating us from noise and temperature. Our home is our castle. When we look out the windows, we know by the thick walls that we are secure. We liked your system because the concrete walls were a solid 6" thickness throughout.
Our home is slightly over 3100 square feet with 2 hot water heaters, electric furnace, heat pump, well pump and jacuzzi tub. Our electric bill, averaged over one year, is only $125 per month.
There are many instances where the benefits of Quad-Lock are evident, but one of our favorites is last year’s Christmas party. The conditions were clear and windy and 18º outside. With our guests inside, without the furnace coming on, the temperature actually rose from 70 - 72º over the duration of the party (5 hours)!
The HH logo in our driveway stands for HillHaven. The feel and performance of Quad-Lock truly made a haven on the hill."
- Steve and Trudy Wegner, homeowners; Gresham, OR

Living Comfort

"My home is so quiet especially being on the corner of a major intersection, I just love it!"
- Marcia Stucki, Homeowner

Commercial Owners

Commercial Quad-Lock Building - Kilbride"Moving from a concrete block building to our new ‘Quad-Lock’ building at the end of November we experienced immediate improvement in our comfort. Cold, windy days were no longer a problem. Both our heating and air conditioning costs have dramatically reduced and the temperature remains more constant."
- Gordon Kilbride, owner; Prince George, BC


"Quad-Lock has expanded the design boundaries in my architectural practice. No other building system offers as many benefits in conjunction with its architectural flexibility as Quad-Lock does."
- Mark Preston, Preston Architecture; Burien, WA