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Why Insulated Concrete Forms - ICFs?

Owners of high-performance ICF buildings consistently praise their living comfort, healthy interior, noise reduction, energy efficiency, safety & insurance discounts.

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Durable & Resilient

Quad-Lock ICF construction gives you a strong, steel reinforced concrete structure - the material of choice for large buildings, bridges, and facilities for the armed forces. Quad-Lock buildings offer lifecycles measured in centuries instead of decades and lower risk of costly water damage. Built-in Resilience can qualify owners for insurance discounts in many areas, sometimes worth hundreds of thousands over time!

Healthy, Cozy & Safe

Quad-Lock panels are manufactured from high density, biologically safe, fire retardant, long-lasting expanded polystyrene (EPS) creating healthy & cozy indoor environments. The fire resistance rating of a finished Quad-Lock wall with 8" concrete thickness is 4 hours per tests.

Ultra Energy-Efficient

With Quad-Lock you can build walls with your choice of insulation value, from R-22 to R-59. Choose the optimum Insulation Value depending on your local climate and energy-saving goals. High, continuous insulation combined with low air infiltration and the thermal mass of concrete provide at least 58% better R-Value than most wood-frame walls.

Fast, Simple, Accurate

Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms are infinitely versatile and fast to install, allowing design and construction flexibility unmatched in other types of concrete forming!

High Performance Building Envelope Designs with Insulating Concrete Forms

Engineered & Tested

Quad-Lock is a German-engineered system, designed by builders for builders: Evaluated by Intertek for International Code Council IRC, IBC and many other jurisdictions & manufactured under ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. Tested & Inspected by Intertek.

World Class Support

We're here to answer your questions, prepare detailed estimates, and assist at the jobsite. Local Quad-Lock Field Representatives are also ready to assist with quantity pricing, job site training, product seminars and training. Our Product Manuals, videos, and other informative technical literature tells you exactly how to design & build with Quad-Lock.

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