Concrete Building Solutions

Resilient Building Construction
with Insulated Concrete Forms

Rebuilding after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, can be a daunting task. With Miami-Dade approved Quad-Lock ICFs you can quickly rebuild bunker-strong and ultra-efficient building shells that increase occupant safety & comfort, significantly reduce costs of insurance, and cut their environmental footprint & energy costs.

How it Costs Less in High-Risk Areas

Sample Calculation:
- Borrower finances 100% of Building Upgrades
- 4.25% 30-year mortgage

Traditional Home
& Mortgage

Quad-Lock Home
& Energy-Efficient

Resilience, Energy, IEQ Upgrade Costs



Home Value



Down Payment



Mortgage Amount



Monthly Mortgage Payment (P & I)



Monthly Heating & Cooling Cost



Monthly Insurance Cost



Total Monthly Payments




- $252

A much Better Building for $3,000 less per year with the upgrades paid for!

* Insurance Discounts require proof / certification of loss mitigation

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How it Works

Reinforced Concrete Building Shells provide:


Flood Area Construction - Elevated Concrete Building
  • High Wind Resistance - ICF buildings can be designed to stand up to hurricanes and most tornadoes
  • Impact Resistance - ICF walls and roofs can withstand the impact of most flying debris from extreme winds with little or no structural damage. Even a flying car was stopped by Quad-Lock walls, with zero structural damage!
  • Seismic Resistance - the steel reinforcement and concrete can be designed to minimize the risk of building collapse due to earthquakes
  • Fire Resistance - up to 4 hours per fire tests
Elevated Building Construction provides:
  • Flood Resistance - as seen in many coastal communities for decades, raising the entire building off the ground simply makes flood waters stay below the main structure causing minimal, if any, damage.
Quad-Lock's Insulating Concrete Forms accomplish all of the above, plus:
  • Blast Resistance - as proven to and adopted by the US Armed Forces, ICFs provide superior blast protection because high-density EPS absorbs blast-energy before it reaches the reinforced concrete core (which itself is bunker-technology)
  • Fast Rebuilding - by combining many construction steps into one step, often shaving weeks or months off construction schedules and financing budgets
  • Better Health & Comfort - peace & quiet, no drafts or cold spots, improved & controllable indoor air quality, no food source for mold
  • Ultra Energy Efficiency - high & continuous insulation blanket and low air-infiltration are built-in to provide significant energy savings

Build disaster-proof before storms strike, not afterward



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