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Master Distributor
ICF Store Ltd
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Phone: +44 1506 240 230

Contact: Najem Al-Hasan
Livingston EH54 8RB
United Kingdom

Company Reg. No. SC54 9886
Northern Ireland
Passive Building Structures Ltd.
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Phone: +44 (0)7899 608 956
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Contact: Paul McKenna
Unit 5 Roslea Enterprise Centre
Dernaghwilt Road, Liskilly
BT92 7FH Rosslea, Fermanagh
Northern Ireland

Company No. NI614627
England and Wales - Pools and more
Brookforge Ltd
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Phone: 01242 573572

Contact: Paul Whiteley
Address: view map
1 Station Mews
Old Station Drive
Cheltenham GL53 0DL
United Kingdom

Company Reg. No: 3444009
Registered Office: Midway House, Staverton Technology Park, Herrick, Staverton GL51 6TQ

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