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Insulated Concrete Walls - Quad-Lock

Quad-Lock ICF vs Wood Frame Construction

    A Quad-Lock building is:

  • Ultra Energy-Efficient because of continuous EPS insulation (higher & uniform R-value), greatly reduced air infiltration, and the thermal mass effect of concrete. Learn more...
  • Much more Comfortable and Healthy because of very even inside temperatures (no cold spots or nasty drafts), far better sound attenuation, and low risk of mold growth and allergen infiltration.
  • Longer-lasting and more resistant to natural disasters, rot, mold, and pests because the solid reinforced concrete is up to 8 times stronger and nearly impenetrable (even for car crashes) - it's what gives bunkers their strength! See Resilient Construction...

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Quad-Lock ICF vs other Insulating Concrete Forms

  • Quad-Lock allows the highest range of insulation values. Different combinations of Quad-Lock Panels give you the choice of true R-Values of 22, 28, 38, 43, 53, and 59. Don't trust claims about "effective R-Values" - often cited as "R-50" for R-22 ICFs - which are unscientific and prohibited by advertising laws.
  • Quad-Lock creates much less waste compared to ICF block systems because most parts that need to be cut can be reused in the same project (see Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Tips). Quad-Lock typically adds a 2-4% waste factor in estimates & quotes (some installers can achieve 1% or less!), while many projects using ICF blocks need a 5-8% waste factor - often not included in estimates. A price per square foot of forms is NOT suitable for comparisons because you need to add the waste factor, structural bracing for corners and angles, zip-ties or clips to hold ICF blocks together, method to align walls along top and bottom, plywood wrap-arounds on openings, etc. along with all the associated labor costs!
  • Most Quad-Lock items are in stock ready for shipping wheras many competitors require long lead times to first produce what you order. In addition, it means their forms are often still moist and not shrunk down to final size.
  • Quad-Lock Window BuckQuad-Lock offers less thermal bridging because internal buck-outs are made easy. "External bucks" - the only option for most ICF blocks - create a significant thermal bridge around every window and door opening.
  • Quad-Lock is highly versatile using a few standard parts. Quad-Lock can easily be shaped to form all the design elements of modern buildings - wide openings, arches, corners, any angles, and real curves with almost any radius.
  • Quad-Lock has very strong corners because of ingenious metal brackets and plastic ties - no additional bracing or zip-ties needed, because they're built-in!
  • Quad-Lock costs less to ship and store compared to most ICF block systems because it is a flat panel & tie system. Up to 100% more wall area can be shipped per truckload. With Quad-Lock, you're not shipping air!
  • Quad-Lock is ISO 9001 certified to assure and continuously improve product & service quality.
  • Details of a typical ICF BasementQuad-Lock offers lots of technical and instructional support. Local dealers and distribution partners are equipped to answer your questions, prepare detailed estimates, and assist at the jobsite. Quad-Lock Sales Representatives are also ready to assist with quantity pricing, job site training, product seminars etc. Our Installation Video, Product Manual, and other informative technical and promotional literature tells you exactly how to build with Quad-Lock. Read more about Value & Service.
  • Quad-Lock produces a flat, solid concrete wall providing a constant thickness of concrete throughout the wall (no thin/thick sections like grid or post-and-beam systems).
  • Quad-Lock is Code Approved. See approvals & tests.

Commercial & Multi-Storey - Advantages over other ICFs

  • ICF Tall Walls (56kB)No other ICF can build around pre-tied rebar as easily as Quad-Lock.
  • No other ICF can be assembled with as little laborers' exposure to the outside of a multi-storey structure. Quad-Lock's unique Corner, Angle, and T-wall solutions allow building from the safety of the inside of the building. This minimizes the amount of outside scaffolding required, the risk of long falls for workers, and workers' compensation premiums.
  • No other ICF can build columns and pilasters like Quad-Lock. Almost every commercial project needs them.
  • Few other ICFs can offer the range of wall thicknesses that Quad-Lock can. See Quad-Lock Ties & Extender Ties.
  • Few other ICF companies offer access to a LEED AP (Accredited Professional) who can help designers identify & accrue LEED points for Quad-Lock projects.
  • Quad-Deck Green Roof DetailsNo other ICF integrates concrete walls and concrete floors or roofs as well. Quad-Lock developed and tested unique solutions, such as Slab Brackets & Ties, and actively sells and supports an ICF for concrete floors & roofs, allowing lower freight costs by combining wall and floor shipments.
  • Quad-Lock offers Green Roof technology with a rot-resistant roof structure that will carry the loads imposed by these designs. Learn more about Green Roofs.

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