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Quad-Deck ICF for Floors and RoofsInsulated Concrete Roofs & Floors

Quad-Deck™ Concrete Roofs & Floors create truly comfortable, healthy, and bunker-strong buildings with lower Total Cost of Ownership when combined with ICF walls. Customers report insurance discounts of up to 85% for such resilient and durable buildings in high-risk areas.¹

Forming System for Concrete Roofs & Floors

Quad-Deck™ expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panels are reinforced with two integral steel beams molded into the product from end to end. The result is a self-supporting joist and slab forming system that provides the maximum strength of a reinforced concrete deck with a minimum of materials and labor.

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Quad-Deck Advantages

Owners & Occupants

Durable Durable & Resilient

  • Superior protection against disasters: storm, fire, flood & earthquake
  • Very long-term building durability from reinforced concrete
  • Fire Resistance Ratings, e.g. 1 hour with 3½" slab
  • Significantly lower insurance costs in at-risk regions¹
  • Low or no cost to repair water-damage from leaks
  • No food source for insects, the concrete stops termites & critters

Cozy Healthy & Comfortable

  • Controllable indoor air quality incl. allergens due to minimal air infiltration
  • Inert materials won’t support the growth of mold or mildew
  • No formaldehyde nor VOC or other offgassing during normal use
  • Consistent indoor temperatures without drafts or cold spots
  • Less noise with high sound transmission ratings (STC)

Sustainable Sustainable

Lower life-cycle costs & emissions due to:

  • Life-cycles measured in centuries, not decades
  • High R-values* & low air infiltration
  • Reduced HVAC-sizing, heating & cooling costs
  • Thermal mass properties are ideal for passive solar designs
  • Perfect for in-floor radiant heating that's efficient & cozy

Architects & Contractors

Lightweight Light & Flexible Designs

  • Lighter structure with about half the self-weight vs. traditional slabs
  • Reduces structural requirements for foundations & walls
  • Great for very high loads such as Saferooms & Earth-Berm Roofs 
  • Available in thicknesses of 7" to 12½" for various spans & loads
  • Up to 33' [10m] clear spans for residential loads & more with Top Hats
  • Slab thickness of 3-4" is common, 5-6" for garage floors
  • Easily integrates with ICF, CMU, concrete wall & beam designs
  • Easy to adapt to many design-elements

Installation Fast & Easy Installation

  • Quad-Deck is a pan-form with minimal learning-curve for suspended slab contractors
  • Super-lightweight forms are easy to handle
  • Delivered ready to install, factory pre-cut to exact lenghts
  • Temporary shoring only every 5-6' with self-reinforced Quad-Deck
  • No stripping of forms nor bond-breakers needed
  • Space to run many utilities within the Quad-Deck forms
  • Built-in furring to attach drywall & more

Cost Cost Effective Solutions

  • Combines forming, insulation, air-barrier + furring steps
  • No cranes or heavy equipment besides concrete pump
  • Uses less concrete & steel vs. traditional slabs
  • Minimal or no site waste
  • Can lower workers-comp due to lightweight forms


Residential, commercial, and institutional buildings can benefit greatly from Quad-Deck™ insulated, suspended concrete slabs.

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My home just went through the worst storm yet, Hurricane Sally. It did not have any damage or water intrusion. I again stayed home for this storm as I did for Ivan, Katrina and many category 1 storms. Sally was terrifying but I was so glad I was in my house. I saw some condos that were torn apart. The destruction is the worst that I have seen since I built here in 2003 – worse than Ivan or Katrina."   TJ in Gulf Shores, AL

"After exhaustive comparisons of many different floor and roof systems, I found Quad-Deck to be the safest, highest performing, and most cost effective system available based on a life cycle cost analysis. Quad-Deck's function as a thermal mass heat sink, its solid feel underfoot, flexibility of design vs. other RC systems, ability to span long distances, and function as a base for a green roof are just a few of the reasons why Quad-Deck is my horizontal structure of choice."   Kyle Dumbleton, AIA, LEED Assoc.

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Project Gallery

Gaia Offices

Quad-Deck VS Traditional Slab

For 1500 ft² with 24 ft Single Span & 40 psf Live Load

Insulated Concrete Roof and Floor Assembly with Quad-Deck
Traditional Slab uninsulated
11" Quad-Deck +2½" Slab
8" Traditional Slab
19.5 yd³
36.6 yd³
88% more
3,835 lb
6,081 lb
59% more
42 tons
77.1 tons
84% more

Lower self-weight requires less shoring and less structural support from foundations & walls.

Typical Details

Series Description PDF format 10MB AutoCAD
QD-100s Products, Shoring, Common Specifications 2018 2000
QD-200s ICF Wall Connections 2018 2000
QD-300s Concrete Beam Connections 2018 2000
QD-400s Steel Beam Connections 2018 2000
QD-500s Roof Connections 2018 2000
QD-600s Concrete / Masonry Wall Connections 2018 2000
QD-700s Cantilevers & Balconies 2018 2000
QD-800s Misc: Stirrup Options, Slopes, Steps etc. 2018 2000
Frequently Asked Questions

Main Construction Steps

¹ Insurance Discounts may require proof / certification of loss mitigation, such as FORTIFIED
* R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power, see Fact Sheet on R-Values.