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Disclaimer: The project owner / homeowner agrees that Quad-Lock cannot be held liable or responsible for any event that takes place with any contractors or builders referred by Quad-Lock or its partners. Please remember that these contractors are independent contractors and are not certified by Quad-Lock in any way. Quad-Lock Building Systems does not warrant that these contractors will build to any particular standard of competency, not even those recognized as trained installers. Competent Quad-Lock installations are the responsibility of the installer, general contractor, consultants, and project owner. Quad-Lock cannot be held responsible for damages or liability of work performed by those contractors. Choosing a contractor is done so at the risk of the general contractor and project owner. The project owner agrees that Quad-Lock cannot control the events that take place between contractors and their customers, and therefore cannot be held liable for any problems that may occur. The listing of dealers and contractors on is an information source only; the user agrees that Quad-Lock in no way has recommended any contractor but rather the user agrees that is an information source only and accepts the information that is offered as is.


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